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  • PRafull Gaikwad

    on Aug 13

    Hello PlanetD ,
    Its quite a treat going through your photos. The landscapes are indeed spectacular. It hues and the alacrity of the images stand out very well.
    May I know the techniques you follow on the editing part. I understand there wont be a definitive way but some directions would really help.
    Thanks and keep updating your ventures.... !


    on Jul 18

    I must use these landscape pictures as my desktop wallpaper

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    on Jul 18

    Wow these are really lovely landscape shots. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful landscape pictures... irctc login

  • Robin Vinz Salvador

    on Aug 30


    Just want to ask how can I shoot interesting landscapes without using long exposures?
    I'm going on my first professional shoot this weekend and i'm really excited to try out your techniques.

    Amazing shots btw!